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    Earn money on the stock market without complicated procedures and fear of margin calls, while knowing exactly how much you spend and how much you may win.

    (A) For the as little as $0.99 , you can place your one bet (your forecast, your estimate) of where you think the Dow Jones or S&P 500 will close for a day, week or month.

    (B) For only $99, you can make up to 200 bets within one month, and you will receive our easy-to-read weekly newsletters with our concrete forecast for the upcoming week; no complicated calculations, just numbers and words that everyone can understand!

     ATTENTION! FOR THE WEEKS 22-26 ONLY, ONLY FOR JUNE 2012 WE INCREASE OUR PRIZES. Every week, the First Place winner receives $2000; and, ONLY IN JUNE 2012, First Place receives $10000, Second Place $8000 and Third Place wins $6000. HAPPY OUR 5TH ANNIVERSARY!

     ATTENTION! Starting from August the 1st, 2012 we test new security, new strategy and new rules. For the certain period of time only those who participate and make bets will see the complete data. Please contact me for more details!

    All the payments are made through secure https:// PayPal servers, we aim to make all your payments absolutely secure and spend huge portion from our profit to PayPal to provide safety in payments.

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Below please find examples of advices we submit to our subscribers. They are short, concrete and PROFITABLE!

--April 04, 2008. 11.30 GMT--We expect good unemployment data and steady growth.

--April 10, 2008. 08.40 GMT--Although there are many doubts, we believe that now it is the right time to make long-term (3 months at least) investments. If you follow our advice, please close all you long positions at S&P 1310. We see the S&P reaching 1440 in 4-10 weeks

--May 20, 2008. 08.40 GMT--The Mission successfully completed. We saw 1440 yesterday. It's been 6 weeks. We want to thank everyone who followed our advice. You made good money. Now it is time to be very careful. You may open some short positions. But we want to hear your feedbacks before we disclosure exact targets. Please contact us at victor(at)

--August 09, 2011. 14.10 GMT--Although we already have loyal clients who receive our newsletters daily or weekly, we decided to publish some our advices openly for everyone on this page. So we can keep up our track of successful advices for you all and us. No one can be sure these days, after all that game we've seen lately. But we believe that we will not go much deeper from the levels we see now. We definetily may, but in 2 months timeframe. We would recommend to start buying. Very gently. Of course, if you still have money left after all that show. The target is S&P 1350 before the beginning of October, which is more than 20% (or 120% annually, which is fantastic). Please be careful and leave the market at S&P 1090 (for those who wants to sleep well) and at 1010 (who still have ability to), because after those levels we all have to forget about markets for a while. Any markets. At all. But we've got that feeling that we are right in our forecasts.

--November 08, 2011. 06.10 GMT--A month ago we sent newsletter to our subscribers and now copy it public. 'Our forecast was 50% correct. We did not hit 1350 but our 'stops' were fine. We do not change our targets and for those who still want to make amazing profit we advise you to stay long with 1350 for S&P as a takeprofit and 1090 as sellandrun.' Please feel free to send us stories of your success with us. We are going to add new page to our website with your stories. In return we will send you our 3 newsletters with short-term advises for free.

--February 10, 2012. 05.35 GMT--The Mission completed. Although we see 1350 just now, which means that the timeframe was 6 months, not 2, I do not think that you, our dear friends, should complain. If you did buy stock on August 09 as we recommended, you already have 40% annually. And there were no twist and turns if you followed our advise. We want to thank you and congratulate you. Please drop me a line, I'm always happy to hear from you.

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